Beth Carruthers

Beth Carruthers, PhD researcher, SFU. Carruthers’ research is in the area of human-animal relations. Carruthers has successful individual histories of research-creation using digital tools with dissemination to national and international cultural venues. Carruthers’ SongBird project brought together the arts and sciences to consider relationships of humans and songbirds in shared… Read more

Julie Andreyev

Julie Andreyev, Associate Professor, ECUAD; PhD researcher, SFU; Artistic Director, Interactive Futures. Julie Andreyev is an artist whose recent area of practice called Animal Lover ( explores animal creativity and communication through modes of interspecies collaboration and aleatoric methods, to produce interactive installation, video, social media, and performance projects. She… Read more

Jay White

Jay White draws from multi-day, process-based walking and camping activities to explore and imagine new relationships between human and other-than-human entities. He employs narrative and participatory strategies to translate these ephemeral experiences into material installations and video works, in the hopes of enlivening and animating objects and beings. White’s work… Read more