Marten Berkman


Marten Berkman, Independent artist

Presentation Summary

Remote Sensibility is the theme of my current artistic practice. Using the parameters of new visual technologies in interpreting and reflecting landscapes, I wish to provide an experience of the many and complex layers of meaning and relationships between the Earth and global industrial culture. In this process, art may challenge assumptions and dualities, providing a contemporary vehicle for sensitive relationship with the planet’s remote and “wild” places.
Examples of work ranging from photo/video collage to interactive stereo 3D video installation will reflect my path of exploration, experimentation and discovery.


Multidiciplinary artist, Marten grew up in Montreal, Quebec before building a cabin in the Yukon 23 years ago. His photographic, cinematic and installation work explores human nature, the rest of nature, and the relationship between them. His work appears locally and nationally in galleries, festivals, and private, corporate and government collections.